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Relay Hammerfest

The first Performing Arts Relay lab was an interdisciplinary research process with artists from dance, performance, literature and music. With facilitators and observers from the partner organisation, the group explored the theme of COMPOSITION through a series of practical and creative collaborations.


Maia Mi Samuelsen (N), choreographer

Thomas Aleksander Voll (N), choreographer

Saga Sigurdardóttir (IS), choreographer

Aude Busson (F/IS), performance artist

Halla Margrét Jóhannesdóttir (IS), actress/writer

Mik Stegger (DK), musician/songwriter

Barbara Simonsen, Seachange Lab, lab facilitator

Susanne Næss Nielsen, Dansearena Nord, host/observer

Kathrine Lund, Seachange Lab, documentarist

Ólöf Ingolfsdóttir, Dance Atelier, partner/observer

Bruce Barton, School of Creative and Performing Arts, partner/observer

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