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Relay Canada

The second Relay lab event was hosted by the Canadian Relay partners, Nightswimming and School of Creative and Performing Arts, Calgary Univ, a triple event called SYMBIONT, consisting of Relay experiments, Pure Research experiments and the Articulating Artistic Research annual symposium.

The overall theme of the event was CONTEXT.


Danish participants are Sara Fink Søndergaard from Teater Fluks, Lotus Lykke Skov from Sensescapes, and artistic director Barbara Simonsen and documentarist Kathrine Lund from Seachange Lab.

Context as question – Relay Canada 2018 provides a frame of practice and reflection wherein we expand the range of questions that we are able to ask, and the thoughts we are able to think. 'What is the question?' is a great question to always come back to, with the focus on context urging us to remember to ask: 'And why is that the question?'

In Calgary, as artists from 9 countries gather together to consider context in this realm, a second issue becomes equally vital:

Context as displacement – Displacement is one of the Relay's most effective tools, asking artists to work in new contexts and new countries with new collaborators, which enables us to reflect on our habits and practices and all our 'givens'. The fact that we are doing these research labs together, with all our differences and similarities, and that we are continually changing location and contexts, invites us to consider our questions afresh, ask questions we've never asked, make discoveries we've never imagined.

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