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RAPP 2017

In the spirit of European Cultural Capital Aarhus 2017 and the theme LET’S RETHINK we decided to base each of the RAPP-experiments on a theme, which had also been explored in previous experiments.


The themes and experiments of RAPP 2017:


Experiment: 'RUINS' (theme: audience participation)  See video!

- The Danish / Polish artist Joanna Magierecka will base the experiment on her interactive performance installation RUINS, which premiered in 2017 at Fossekleiva kulturcenter, Norway. She investigates the potential of three different approaches to inviting the audience to interact and co-create: a personal, an analogue and a digital approach.


Experiment: 'POINTS OF TIME' (theme: time as tool, obstacle and concept)  See video!

- The experiment is led by two choreographers, Anna Kolfinna Kuran (IS) and Elena Ilina (RU), who - independently of each other - work with the concept of time as a theme and / or method in their artistic work. Points of Time is a conversational experiment, where experts from physics, anthropology and philosophy are invited to share their knowledge with the artists, who will then respond in the form of concrete, physical actions, leading to further reflections on time.


Double experiment: 'JUGGLING PROCESSES' (theme: interdisciplinary artistic processes)  

- The two jugglers, Benjamin Richter (DE) and Matthias Buhrow (DE), lead two specific experiments to explore interdisciplinary work:

In 'THE SPACE BETWEEN', Richter focuses on the interplay between movement, space, body and object.  See video!

In 'COMPOSING JUGGLING', Buhrow searches for methods of merging juggling and musical composition.  See video!


RAPP 2017 ends with a public conference, where the experiments are presented by the participating artists and a number of guest speakers will give their perspectives on the themes.


RAPP 2017 Conference - Programme


10.00-10.15:        Sign-in


10.15-10.30:        Welcome

                            Seachange Lab’s artistic director, Barbara Simonsen


10.30-11.00:        On The Art of Rehearsal

                            Janek Szatkowski (DK)


11.00-11.45:        Presentation of RAPP 2017 experiment

                            “Points of Time”

                            By Anna Kolfinna Kuran (IS), Alyona Ilina (RU)

                            Researchers: Klaus Mølmer (DK), Morten Nielsen (DK) and Kasper Ravn (DK)


11.45-12.30:        On the concept of time

                            Ulrik Uggerhøj (DK)


12.30-13.30:        Lunch


13.30-14.30:        Presentation of RAPP 2017 experiment 

                            “Juggling processes”

                            By Benjamin Richter (DE), Ruth Crone Foster (DK), Matthias Buhrow (DE) and Andrea Salustri (IT)

14.30-15.00:        On interdisciplinary artistic collaborations

                            Signe Klejs (DK) and Niels Rønsholdt (DK)

15.00-15.30:        Coffee Break

15.30-16.15:        Presentation of RAPP 2017 experiment 

                            “RUINS - researching interactive strategies”

                            by Joanna Magierecka (PO/DK) and Sandro Masai (BR/DK)

                            Researchers: Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman (MX) and Jacob Knudsen (DK)

16.15-16.45:        On the use of dramaturgy and interactive digital media in education 

                            Jacob Knudsen (DK)

16.45-17.30:        Closing panel discussion with all RAPP participants

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