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Performing Arts Relay is a laboratory/artistic research collaboration between Seachange Lab, Dansearena Nord (N), Dance Atelier (IS), Nightswimming Theatre (CA) and School of Creative and Performing Arts at University of Calgary (CA).

Collaboration partner on labs hosted in Denmark: Performing Arts Platform (DK).

Performing Arts Relay is dedicated to discovering and exploring performing arts processes, developing new ideas, methods, dialogues and partnerships, and to try out groundbreaking new ways to use artistic methods and the ways in which art produces knowledge.

The project is structured as a relay where each partner hosts joint labs, involving the partners, guest artists, researchers and other professionals. The results and ideas from the labs are collected by a documentation team from Seachange Lab and will be published on a project website, a digital knowledge bank.

The purpose of Performing Arts Relay is to develop and qualify performing artists and their work methods; to produce concrete knowledge about the they way in which artistic processes can inform and develop other areas of research and non-artistic professions; and to investigate how artistic processes can be used as tools in other professions, and models for new practices and new ways of thinking.

The Relay Labs bring together artists, scientists and other professionals to experiment with artistic practice and discover new paths of knowledge, exchange and collaboration between the different fields.

The discoveries and reflections from the labs will form part of an extensive knowledge sharing following the lab events. Focus will be on relaying to others what is interesting and useful in a larger context outside the labs, i.e. artistic and creative tools as well as derived knowledge in human and natural science areas.

The Performing Arts Relay Partners:

Seachange Lab, DK
Nightswimming, Toronto, CAN 

Dansearena Nord, Hammerfest, N 

Dance Atelier, IS

School of Creative and Performing Arts, University of Calgary, CAN

The Performing Arts Relay labs have been supported by Nordic Culturefund, The Danish Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality, Arts Council Norway, Norwegian-Icelandic Culturefund, Nordic Culture Point a.o.


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